Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Check out the new episode of the podcast I co-produce

Sometimes I produce the IODAcast podcast for my job and today I posted the latest episode, which features my good friend Sean Han's band Blip Blip Bleep. Check it out here on iodacast.com or on iTunes!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blip Blip Bleep is gonna rock you Like a Track Star!

Here's my latest review for the IODA Marketing Blog on the upcoming LP from my homie Sean Han's awesome electro-rock band Blip Blip Bleep:
By: Elijah Carroll

Blip Blip Bleep
Title: Like Track Stars
Label: Undercover Culture Music
Genre: Alternative : Electronic
UPC: 884501317788
Territory: World
Release Date: 06.29.10

NY electro-rockers Blip Blip Bleep are readying for the release of their new record Like Track Stars. Blip Blip Bleep is the work of producer/singer/guitarist Sean Han, with the help of singer/keyboardist Alexa Danner and drummer Jojo Schwarz. After 2 stellar EPs (2007's Wireless and 2008's Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up) they have decided to go the distance on this new record and make a full-length LP. Alarm Clock told a day in the life story of an urban 20-something, and Like Track Stars expands on the idea of a concept album to follow the arc of a relationship, from a first date through breaking up and moving on.

After the non-stop action of their first two EPs, Like Track Stars shows the maturity of BBB. A true concept album, Like Track Stars charts the arc of a typical relationship through a 9 song journey. From the excitement and nervousness at the beginning ("Rock" and "Freak You Out") to the inevitable lull in the middle ("Don't Forget" and "Like Track Stars") and the let down at the end ("Rewrite The Scenes") BBB keeps the beat going with their infectious electro-rock. Somehow amidst the telling of the story BBB even manages to incorporate a cover of The Cure's "Letter To Elise" and make it fit perfectly with the rest of the album.

Like Track Stars showcases BBB's now fully formed sound. Through the first two EPs BBB's sound seemed to be still exploring the electro side of electro-rock. Now on Like Track Stars BBB have figured out how to make electronic music that rocks! Sean's masterful arrangements are beautifully executed by the trio of talented musicians. Alexa shines on her recorded debut with BBB after a year of playing in the live show, adding sweet harmonies throughout the album and duets on "Rewrite The Scenes" and the title track. The record is perfectly mixed by Nic Hard who also contributes the remix of "Freak You Out" that appears on the album. Dave Liang (Shanghai Restoration Project) rounds out the record with a great remix of "Rock" closing out the stellar 11 track LP. BBB have really hit the mark with this one and have made the leap from a pop fascination to a real powerhouse talent.

Check out the music video for their 1st single off of Like Track Stars:

And grab a free copy of the single as well!

Like Track StarsBlip Blip Bleep
"Freak You Out" (mp3)
from "Like Track Stars"
(Undercover Culture Music)

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