Monday, March 15, 2010

Sean Hayes, putting the Soul back in Folk music!

Here's my latest review for the IODA Marketing Blog on the new Sean Hayes record Run Wolves Run. Grab a great track at the end and check out one of his cool music videos.
By: Elijah Carroll

: Sean Hayes
Title: Run Wolves Run
Label: Sean Hayes
Genre: Folk : Rhythmic Soul
UPC: 844185041652
Territory: World
Release Date: 03.16.10

Sean Hayes is a truly independent success story. Born on August 27, 1969 in New York City, and raised in North Carolina, Hayes began his music career playing traditional American and Irish music with a band called The Boys of Bluehill. He traveled the South, from the Black Mountain Music festival (LEAF Festival) in the Blueridge Mountains down to Charleston, South Carolina and eventually found his way to San Francisco, where he has lived and continued to play music since 1992.

Sean's music just keeps getting better and better and the fan base continues to multiply, from the ground up. The soulful folk-maestro gives us his sixth self-produced album, Run Wolves Run. The album is beautifully crafted and yet still quite raw, with live emotion. Beautiful songs, beautiful singing and stellar playing. The whole record has a warm throwback sound that just magnifies Sean's amazing talents. If it wasn't already, it is now painfully clear that Sean belongs in the upper echelon of current day Folk Troubadours.

Run Wolves Run is Sean's most complete record yet. Everything is perfectly in place for this one. The songs are beautifully written, the arrangements are masterful and the instrumentation is perfect. The whole record has an amazing warmth of sound. The engineering beautifully supports the tone of the record creating a soundspace that is simultaneously inviting and nostalgic. From the opening bars of "When We Fall In" Sean's distinct, soulful voice calls us in to his world. On "Powerful Stuff" Sean gives voice to what we've already discovered. This music of his is indeed powerful stuff. Pure unabashed love is a recurring theme on the record and never before has Sean so clearly voiced his feelings on this topic. From "Open Up A Window" to "So Down" it's clear there will be no holding back or cute poetic metaphors when it comes to love on this record.

Grab the stellar opening track "When We Fall In" here:

Run Wolves RunSean Hayes
"When We Fall In" (mp3)
from "Run Wolves Run"
(Sean Hayes)

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Take a look at the official music video for the same track:

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