Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Roots of The Roots are Organix

Here's my latest review for the IODA Marketing Blog on The Roots 1st album Organix which was just released digitally for the 1st time ever!
The Roots
Title: Organix
Label: Groove Distribution
Genre: Rap : Hip-Hop
UPC: 899123000048
Territory: World
Release Date:10.06.09

With 10 albums in the books and the 11th set to release in a few weeks the godfathers of live hip hop's 1st album has finally been released digitally. 16 years after it's original release by Remedy Recordings, Groove Distribution is re-releasing this classic hip hop masterpiece. Full of the live flavor that has garnered millions of followers worldwide, Organix is still the freest and funkiest record The Roots have ever produced. Oozing with style and creative energy it's not hard to see why this album thrust The Roots into the spotlight.

"This album should be a part of any Roots fan's collection — not so much because it is an example of their artistry at its best, but because it allows you to see where they came from and how fruitful of a journey it's been." -Qa'id Jacobs, All Music.

Through the years The Roots line-up has shifted many times with only one thing constant: Black Thought on the mic and ?uestlove on drums. These two have propelled the group from their first record to where they are now. On Organix it is already apparent that these two are primed for greatness. While their style may not be fully formed, their talent and creative energy is abundant. There are definitely a number of stellar contributors on this record and the many to follow, but it is the two founders that have shaped and formed The Roots into the legends they are today.

From the beginning of "Pass The Popcorn" through the end of the amazingly long "The Session" The Roots take us on a playful journey into their live, jazz-influenced brand of hip hop. While many of these cuts are a bit rough around the edges, the groundwork for albums like Do You Want More and Things Fall Apart is already there. Unlike those and most of their other records Organix has a carefree spontaneity that is refreshing especially in today's pop landscape. The loose way in which this album was put together combined with the freedom from major label influence makes this record truly free and independent. As we wait in anticipation of their 11th album we get to savor the first one and remember how it all started for the godfathers of live hip hop.

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