Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lupe Fiasco and The Postal Service

This is basically the re-cap of my spring faves. Starting with my spring obession: The Postal Service's Give Up. Ok ok I realize this album came out in 2003, but I was a bit behind the curve on this one. Truthfully I've been a little too immersed in underground hip hop since 2002 so it's not really a surprise that it took me this long. All that notwithstanding I absolutely love the first half of this album! It loses me a little bit towards the end, but overall it is a great album. Ben Gibbard's almost strained vocals work perfectly over the glitchy electronic soundscapes.
Lupe Fiasco's The Cool was another great spring fave of mine. I was a bit reluctant to get into Lupe due to his commercial success, but after much urging by trusted sources I went out and bought a copy. Am I glad I did! Lupe clearly defies the stereotypes of popular rap by producing intelligent music with a mass appeal. His charisma and lyrical skill shine through on The Cool making it one of the better rap albums in the past year.

Elvis Costello and The Police at Shoreline!

I got given free tix to go see Elvis Costello and The Police down at Shoreline last night! One word for this: Radtastic! Two acts I have never seen, would love to see and wouldn't have ponied up the dough and driven down to Shoreline for. Thank you to my good friend Kirk for hooking it up and driving us down there.

First off, I had never been to Shoreline before. Let me tell, you while every major Amphitheater may look pretty much identical, Shoreline is definitely a nice one! The surroundings, atmosphere and quality of the grass on the lawn were all wonderful. We got a nice patch o' grass dead center and set up camp for the evening. Elvis Costello came on at exactly 7:26pm and launched straight into a rocking 55 min set featuring many of his radio hits. While his voice was quite hoarse he still rocked hard and even brought Sting out to sing Alison with him!
After a nice little set break during which I investigated the Corona Beach House (no beaches or houses to be found there but a lot of beer), Bob Marley's Get up, Stand Up played over the PA and people did just that. It was a great example of my theory that everyone loves Reggae and every other music really just wants to be Reggae. I mean look at The Police! Speaking of which, they played an awesome set full of the radio hits. These guys still got it and one could tell they're psyched to be playing together. Stewart Copeland was impressive as usual and had some awesome percussion jams that included a huge gong!

All in all it was an awesome night of music, friends and fun. I'm psyched that the opportunity arose and that I got over a somewhat unfounded fear of going to Shoreline!


So, I have been seriously slacking on filling up this blog with wonderful posts (or any posts at all). Without further ado here it goes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my brand new blog! This blog will be devoted to music and specifically to music that I am currently listening to, thinking about, wondering about, etc. Hence the title "Music on My Mind." Hope you enjoy!